TV Schedule of Charges for Business Customers

TV Packages *
Silver Stream Gold Stream Sports Add-on GO Stars Add-on
Standard Monthly Fee €10 €15 €2 €2

* Rates quoted above are exclusive of applicable VAT.

  1. The ’Sports’ and ‘GO Stars’ add-ons can only be subscribed to in addition to a ‘Silver’ or ‘Gold’ Stream.
  2. Other Charges:
    Optional Lease* of GO TV Box (one-time fee) €70
    Optional Standard Installation** of GO TV Box (one-time fee) €60
    Standard installation** of each additional GO TV Box (one-time fee) €30
    Self-Installation Kit €20
    Chromecast device (one-time fee) €42
    TV Equipment administration charge (exchanging a GO Interactive Box to a Chromecast or vice versa) €25
    Relocation of Interactive TV/GO TV Box on said premises (if necessary) €30
    Collection or Recovery Fees €25
    Reconnection Fee €15
    Lost/stolen/damaged or unreturned GO TV Box €70
    Lost/stolen/damaged or unreturned Chromecast €42
    Lost/stolen/damaged or unreturned Remote Control €10
    Late Payment Fee (30 days past due) €2.33
    Late Payment Fee (Over 60 days past due) Maximum allowed by law (8% per annum)
    Unsuccessful installation due to non-availability of broadband/Wi-Fi internet access €5
    Rejected Payment charge €5
    Other penalty fees As applicable
    Legal and administrative fees As applicable

    ** The GO TV Box and Remote Control remains Our property.
    *** Charges quoted in the above section are inclusive of applicable VAT.
    ****  Installation is limited to Our Equipment. The installation of any Third Party equipment may incur additional charges as necessary. Broadband and network related installation and support may also incur additional charges. Furthermore, we do not offer installation services for Chromecast.