Voice calls when roaming in the USA

As of February 2022, AT&T have shut down their 2G and 3G mobile data networks.

This means that while you will still be able to use applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Telegram on AT&T’s network whilst roaming in the USA, you will not be able to make or receive voice calls.

As an alternative, we recommend roaming on T-Mobile’s network once you have arrived in the USA. To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Check if you are on T-Mobile’s network

On your smartphone, you will see the mobile network provider you are connected to appear on the top left corner of your screen.

If you see T-Mobile, you are all set and ready to roam. If you do not see T-Mobile, please follow the next step.

Step 2: Switch to T-Mobile's network



Go to Settings > Mobile Data
> Network Selection.


Disable Automatic,
then select T-Mobile.


Now you are ready
to roam in the USA!


What is roaming?

Roaming is the ability to connect to a mobile network when you are travelling overseas. By connecting to the mobile network of the country you’re visiting, you’ll get access to data, calls and SMS. Visit our Travel page to confirm which mobile network you can connect to in any country around the World.

You can also manage your roaming limit via MyGO.

What network do I use while roaming?

Before leaving to your destination, we suggest that you have a look at which operator you can connect to while in the country. You can check out GO’s roaming network partners here. 

To ensure you remain connected to the same network during your stay, pick one of the networks manually by switching your ‘Mobile network’ settings to Manual and selecting one of the operators from the list shown. 

Please note the following if you are travelling to the USA. Due to AT&T shutting down their 2G and 3G mobile data networks in February 2022, you will not be able to make or receive voice calls whilst roaming in the USA. We recommend that upon arrival in the USA, you follow the above steps and make sure to switch to T-Mobile in order to roam as usual. 

How do I turn on data roaming?

Not all devices have data roaming automatically activated so you may need to active this yourself, through the relevant section on your device settings.

If data roaming is ON, and yet you still cannot use mobile data whilst abroad, you will need to check whether you are connected to the correct service provider. GO has agreement with select operators abroad. You can check our supported providers by clicking here and searching for the country which you are roaming in.

If you are still experiencing issues with connecting to a network, please speak to us via Live Chat or Facebook, so that we can help you with your connectivity.

How can I top up while roaming?

It’s easy to top up your mobile service while roaming! Before leaving, you can set up Auto Top-up with a few simple steps by logging into the GO app. You can also use the GO app to top up your service at any other point.

Alternatively, you can top up by logging into MyGO (by using the same GO app credentials) or by going to the GO website.