How can I turn off my bill itemisation?

You can easily switch off your bill itemisation from MyGO. By doing so, you will no longer receive a breakdown of your mobile or landline usage for the previous month.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Log into MyGO
  2. Go to “Settings” from the top menu
  3. Click on “Manage billing accounts” from the left-hand menu
  4. Click on the billing account you wish to switch off itemisation for
  5. Scroll down on the page until you find “Online Bill Itemisation”
  6. Switch off the toggle (turning it from orange to grey)
  7. Click on the “Confirm changes” button at the bottom of the screen

Please remember that if you choose to disable itemization, you can only re-enable it by visiting one of our retail outlets. This extra step is in place to ensure the security of sensitive information and to safeguard you and your data. Don’t forget to bring along with you an identification document, like your ID card or passport.