What do I do if my connection is slow?

The actual performance of your internet connection’s speed is contingent upon a variety of factors, as outlined below:

  • The proximity of your device to your modem when utilizing Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The presence of any hindrances between your device and modem, such as walls, furniture, or other devices employing Wi-Fi connections.
  • The number of devices linked to the same internet connection, along with their online activities. For instance, if they’re in the process of downloading a substantial file, it could have an impact on the speed you experience.
  • The existence of malicious software on your devices.
  • Any issues originating from our end that may disrupt your connectivity.

Start by drawing nearer to your modem for a better connection. If this action results in an improved connection, you might want to contemplate enhancing your Wi-Fi signal using an advanced solution like the GO Smart Wi-Fi.

If a decrease in speed can be attributed to the number of devices linked to the same internet connection, you have the option to either reduce the quantity of connected devices or explore the possibility of upgrading your internet package to a higher download speed. In the event that an upgrade fails to yield the desired outcome, reverting to the previous speed is always an alternative.

Should the issue arise from the presence of malicious software, we recommend the implementation of GO Secure Net to safeguard your internet connection and the connected devices from malware, phishing attempts, viruses & inappropriate content.

In cases where device limitations are concerned, there exists limited recourse other than upgrading your device.

On our part, initiating the troubleshooting process involves an examination of potential concerns within our systems. By executing a test via MyGO and reviewing the results, any identified issues are automatically reported for our attention. In the meantime, we will provide an alternative solution until the matter is resolved, to make sure you remain connected. Don’t have access to MyGO? No worries! The same test can be conducted via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Live Chat. All you need to do is enter your telephone number, and we’ll do the checks for you.

If you’ve gone through all these tests and the internet speed is still being a bit sluggish, it’s possible that there’s something external causing the trouble. In such cases, our technical agents can lend a hand to sort things out. Feel free to get in touch with us through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Live Chat for some quick assistance