When switching to certain content, I am not able to decrease the volume from my remote control. How can I change this?

Channels / on-demand content that are set at full volume have Dolby Digital audio enabled. Dolby Digital audio is a technique that produces high surround sound quality. To change this setting so to experience the normal volume the below steps must be followed;

  • From the Menu section on your TV screen select ‘Home’

  • Choose ‘Hardware Setting’ and enter pin (This is normally set as 1234 unless changed by user)

    • Go to AC3 and change the selection to ‘Disable’

    • On the same screen select ‘Submit’ to save your changes

The above is applicable for all GO Interactive TV boxes excluding the GO Android TV box.

Note: If the television set supports 5.1 surround system and the user would like to experience Dolby Digital audio, the AC3 selection in the ‘Hardware Setting’ section must be set to ‘Enable’.