Data Boom

Double your Data!

With Data Boom, get double your data limit on any of the plans below when you’re part of a Home Pack Community.

If you’re a Home Pack subscriber, get your data doubled up to a possible 60GB!

Pay monthly mobile plans
Pay monthly mobile plans

Special Offer: Unlimited data from €9.99 + iPhone 13 with €0 upfront.

Smart top-up mobile plans
Smart top-up mobile plans

Minutes, data and SMS for every budget, at home or abroad.

Play monthly mobile plans
Play monthly mobile plans

27 and under? Get up to 40GB and plans from €8.99.


How do I get Data Boom?

Data Boom is a feature which automatically gives extra data for anyone part of a Home Pack Community. All you need to do is become part of your family or friend’s Home Pack Community, you don’t need to be the owner of a Home Pack to benefit as long as you are added as a Community member.

This feature is only available for all GO Smart, Smart Plus and Play plan bundles.

What is the Home Pack Community?

The Home Pack mobile Community is available to our Home Pack customers subscribed to our Freedom Plans, Smart Plans, Smart Plus plan and Play plan.

Once activated via SMS, you can add 4 other GO mobile numbers to the Community, giving each member free unlimited calls to fellow Community members as well as the Home Pack landline number. The free unlimited minutes towards the Community are applicable while in Malta only.

How do I add/remove numbers from my Home Pack Community?

Adding numbers to your Community: Send an SMS with the mobile number you want to add to 50700281. The person being added will receive an SMS informing them of the invitation. Once they accept the invitation by replying ‘Y’, you will receive an SMS confirming that the number has been successfully added to the Home Pack Community.

Removing numbers from your Community: Send an SMS with the number number you want to remove to 50700283. You will both receive an SMS confirming that the number has been successfully removed from the Home Pack Community.

If you require any assistance when adding or removing a Home Pack Community member, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Live Chat.