How will the quality of my services be while roaming? 

GO provides roaming services in partnership with other operators in the country you are visiting. The mobile radio coverage and main network infrastructure is always provided by GO’s roaming partner, while other partners provide support.

We do our utmost to ensure that the quality-of-service conditions whilst abroad are aligned to your experience on your home network so that you’ll get a genuine Roam Like At Home experience. Nonetheless, due to factors outside our control, this may not always be possible. There are various local factors in each country that can influence the quality of service provided, which may be related to the technologies available in the country you are visiting, as well as the deployment status of the latest technology. Service quality can be impacted by local network coverage, the number of people using the network during peak hours, surrounding buildings in urban areas, tree cover and even weather conditions. Coverage can also vary in indoor locations, travelling in a car or when visiting remote rural and mountainous areas.

Voice and SMS services

Voice service quality will depend on the network coverage provided and the underlying technology. Some countries have started to close their 2G and 3G networks, which may result in a different voice experience than what you receive in Malta.

Calls to Maltese freephone numbers, premium rate numbers and short codes may not be available when roaming and when available, they may be charged at a higher rate.

SMS services normally work the same as at home and there should be no variation in the quality of service.

Data services 

Roaming data quality of service can vary depending on the service provided by the network of the country you are visiting. You should receive the same data speeds as at home once that speed is available on this network. GO does not throttle your data speed in Malta nor when roaming.

Data speeds in destinations such as Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas may experience some latency due to the vast distance between these countries and Malta. Latency is a slight delay between sending a request over the internet and receiving the response. It will not be noticeable for normal usage, but may be noticed by those with higher bandwidth requirements, such as when it comes to gaming or high-volume downloads.


For more information on the available network generations and technology for different countries you may search for your destination in our travel page.