What can I do when Ethernet Cable is not detected by my Interactive TV box?

Ethernet cables can sometime become loose over time or if the modem or set-top-boxes have been moved. First check to ensure that the cable is well affixed to the GO set top box and to your GO modem. You can also unplug the Ethernet cable from the modem and set-top boxes and plug it in again just to confirm that is the cable is well connected.

If it appears to be well connected, switch off any other devices that are connected to the Internet. If you still do not have an internet connection, click here for further troubleshooting.

If you have multiple Interactive set-top boxes, the Ethernet cable should be connected to a network switch (Edimax/TP-Link), and from the network switch to your GO modem. If you are using home plugs, check that the home plugs do not have a red light alert. If they do, please see this page for further assistance.