What do I do if my internet keeps disconnecting?

The first thing we need to do is identify whether the disconnections are occurring due to Wi-Fi or due to the fixed broadband connection. Here’s how:

  • Connect your laptop or computer to your internet modem directly by Ethernet cable
  • Check whether you are still experiencing internet disconnections

If you do not experience any disconnections when you are connected to the Internet directly to your modem, then most likely you have a Wi-Fi connection issue and would benefit greatly from our Smart Wi-Fi to ensure stable Internet connectivity in every corner of your home.

However, if the disconnections continue to occur whilst connected directly to the modem via Ethernet cable, the likelihood is that there is an external issue that would require a visit by one of our technicians. We therefore recommend you test your internet connection using MyGO, or else contact us via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Live Chat. Until the technician attends to your fault, we promise to find an alternative solution to keep you connected.