What is the difference between linking a mobile number and an account?

If you linked your mobile number you would be able to view your bundle balances, buy or stop bundles, view other details related to this specific mobile number.

You will not be able to access bills, account details, roaming data limit and other settings. The account related functionality is available only to the account holder. This is because the mobile service may be used by one family member while another family member is paying for the bills.

The account holder, who is a signatory on the contract, will have access to all the bill related settings as well as the functionality related to a mobile service. Thus, the account holder will also be able to see the bundle balances, buy and stop bundles and view other details related to all the numbers within the account.

To link an account to MyGO, you will need to prove that you have access to specific pieces of information such as the e-billing email address, the ID that you provided upon signing your contract and/or to your bills and account numbers. The fastest way to link your accounts is to set up MyGO with the same email address as your e-billing email address.