Why was my bill higher than expected?


We get your frustration. Nobody likes paying more than they were hoping to, but there could be various reasons why your bill is higher. Here is what may have caused this.

Your first bill:
A first bill usually includes a pro-rated amount for the first month of service, as well as the total amount of the second month, which means that you would have paid more than a month’s worth of service and as expected, your bill would be much higher.

To confirm this, take a look at the “Billing details” section on your bill and the dates (from / to). The bill may also include installation or equipment charges.

Changes to your account:
Changes to your account may affect your bill and the amount you have to pay. Any changes will appear in the next bill.

Expired offers:
If your offer on an add-on has expired, you will start being charged for it, unless you inform us otherwise. Just note that you are only being charged as of the day of expiry, which means that you may be charged pro-rated.

New service/devices:
You may have one-time charges or installation costs when activating a new service. Head over to the “Billing details” section on your bill to see if any of this applies to you.

Pending bill:
If you didn’t pay your bill on time, you’ll be charged a small fine. To prevent this from happening in the future, set up a Direct Debit payment from MyGO. In this manner, you won’t ever have to worry again about any pending bills.

Travelling abroad outside of the EU:
When you travel outside of the EU, roaming charges are applied for each call you make, SMS you send or data used. These are charged on your next bill. However, when travelling within the EU, your standard bundles apply unless you’ve consumed them. Take a look here for further information on our roaming rates.

Used up data/minutes/SMS bundle:
When you use up all your data, minutes or SMS from your mobile bundle, you will be charged on a pay-per-use basis. You may find all these rates on your contract. One way of monitoring your bundles or boosting your mobile experience by purchasing another one is via the GO app.