What do I do if my connection is slow?

The performance of your Internet connection is dependent on a number of factors. First we need to identify whether there is an actual problem of the physical connection coming into your home. One way of doing this is through a speed test that is easily performed at home. Here’s how.

  • Connect to an Ethernet cable from your modem which was supplied by GO (using either port 1, port 2 or port 3) to your laptop or computer (any other devices might not work properly)
  • Disconnect all other devices, including repeaters and extenders which are connected to the modem, even through Wi-Fi
  • Close all running applications on the laptop / computer which you will be performing the test on
  • Perform a speed test by clicking here

If your speed is still low, the likelihood is that there is an external issue that would require the assistance of our technicians. We recommend you test your internet connection using MyGO, or else contact us via Live Chat or Facebook. Until the technician attends to your fault, we promise to find an alternative solution to keep you connected.

If the speed test result is within the range you are subscribed to, the issue you are experiencing is most likely down to a Wi-Fi coverage issue. We suggest you consider our Smart Wi-Fi service, which will spread your Wi-Fi connectivity and internet speeds to every corner of your home.

If you are experiencing any other issues not mentioned here, we suggest that you speak to us via Live Chat or Facebook.