Tokis TV channel: Your gateway to local talent and unforgettable entertainment

19 July 2023


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Since its debut on GO TV (channel 100), Tokis has taken the local TV scene by storm, setting new standards and capturing hearts along the way. As we raise a toast to a year of showcasing exceptional local talent, let’s journey together into the world of Tokis and discover what makes it stand out.

What is Tokis?

Tokis is not just a TV channel, but a tribute to Malta’s rich cinematic heritage, while its name pays homage to the 1950s, an era where the beloved Talkies were the primary source of entertainment for locals.

Harnessing this heritage to deliver unique content that stands out in today’s media landscape, the channel has so far showcased 7 GO Originals productions, namely: Noli, Iċ-Ċaqqufa, Spettur Leonard, Mejta bien Nghix, Luna, Min Imissu and Chalet, each a testament to our commitment to quality entertainment.

Tokis by the numbers

The channel’s success story is written in the figures below, evidence of its position as one of Malta’s most-watched channels.

  • Over 5000 hours of local content
  • More than 4 million views
  • An average of 155,000 daily viewers
  • Reach across 70k households

Why choose Tokis?

A launchpad for local talent

Serving as a platform for local talent to shine, the channel has stayed true to this mission, nurturing and promoting Maltese artists, actors and producers. Meanwhile, our exclusive productions have managed to delight audiences, proving that homegrown talent can indeed captivate and inspire.

Connecting viewers and promoting culture

Through its relatable content, the channel has brought people together, fostering a shared experience and sparking conversations as the various productions have managed to capture the essence of local life.

An ever-evolving experience

The platform now operates round-the-clock, providing continuous entertainment to its viewers, while the channel is set to deliver over 1000 hours of riveting Maltese drama productions, all in a bid to promote the best of Maltese storytelling.

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What’s new on Tokis?

After a triumphant launch, Tokis is primed to roll out a thrilling roster of productions designed to captivate and entertain, starting as early as this September.

Dive into the mesmerizing world of Boomers, a unique music show where Malta’s legendary vocalists breathe new life into today’s hit songs. Alternatively, satisfy your craving for intrigue with Persuni Rapurtati Nieqsa (PRN), a riveting CSI-style drama where a relentless team of investigators untangle the most intricate cases. Connect, discuss and engage in insightful conversations on Il-Każin, a captivating talk show hosted by none other than Jon Mallia or tune in to Il-President, a light-hearted yet intense drama which will expose the ins and outs of a possible state take-over by Peppi Azzopardi of Xarabank fame.

Tokis will not only introduce brand-new productions, but it will also bring back all-time favourite series with new seasons. Get ready for season 2 of Mejta biex Ngħix, L-Ispettur Leonard and Luna, season 3 ofNoli and season 5 of Iċ-Ċaqqufa.

On-Demand content at your fingertips

Beyond the linear channel, Tokis offers a rich library of on-demand content. From new dramas like L-Ispettur Leonard and Luna to timeless classics such as Simpatici, the platform is a haven for Maltese drama enthusiasts. Yet, the On-Demand library extends beyond dramas, featuring a vibrant mix of local films, laugh-out-loud comedy series and captivating reality shows, designed to cater to every taste and preference. And the best part? The library is continuously updated to make sure you always have something exciting to watch.

How to tune in to Tokis

Looking to enjoy great local productions? The channel is offered free with any of our TV plans. If you’re looking for a standalone TV service without having to change your current internet provider, then GO TV is the ideal plan for you. The app works on any internet connection and any device be it your smartphone, tablet, Android Smart TV, Apple TV or Fire TV, while it also works on a traditional TV set with Chromecast. With the basic Smart Plan, you’ll get access to 20 local and Italian channels, including Tokis, while you also have the option to boost your TV experience with one of our TV Passes – the Movies & Series Pass, Sports Pass and Entertainment Pass.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a Home Pack that includes TV and internet, as well as optional landline, then the Mix & Match Home Pack is what you need.

Once you’ve made up your mind, fill in the respective form with all your details and hit submit. Depending on the plan you’ve selected, we’ll then get in touch with you within 1-2 days to either finalize your order or send you your GO TV app login details.

From exclusive shows to innovative features, Tokis will continue to be at the forefront, shaping the cultural landscape, inspiring Maltese artists and entertaining locals. What are you waiting for? Get Tokis today.