Online GO features you need to know about

26 November 2020


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Online GO features you need to know about

2020 has been tough. With Covid, most of us have been forced to work, study and live at home 24/7 which makes “normal” things harder, especially if you’re not a technical person. Due to this, we have multiple easy online solutions to help you out during this difficult time.

If you’ve just joined GO or you’re an existing GO customer, did you know that you can manage your GO services through the GO app and the MyGO? You can use the same login details and with one tap you’ve got access to all your accounts and services! With MyGO especially, you have some additional features available to guide you through your personal profile. If you do not have access to the GO app on your smartphone yet, or you have never logged into MyGO, just visit your Play Store/App Store on your phone and download the GO app, or go on for MyGO.

From there, you can opt to create a new account. All you need is a valid e-mail address and then you can link your mobile service and your billing accounts with a few simple steps.

As a head’s up, with MyGO you can:

  • Report a fault and your faulty internet connection
  • View your detailed bill
  • View your unbilled usage
  • Create automatic mobile top up
  • Manage your GO TV app credential/login details (download the GO TV app to view)
  • Manage your billing accounts and services
  • Manage your data roaming limits

With the GO app you can:

Did you know that you can also watch GO TV everywhere you go whilst connected to the internet on multiple devices?

All you have to do is make sure you have internet on your chosen device, visit the GO TV app, login, and you’re good to go! If you are on a GO mobile Freedom plan, Smart plan, Smart Plus plan or Youth plan you won’t use up your mobile data, and you won’t pay any extra charges.

Have you experienced an internet fault recently? We’ve got a solution for you!

We all know the feeling when our internet service is not working properly; frustration, anger, panic. With MyGO you can now check and report your internet connection anytime, anywhere, with no hassles.

All you need to do is log into MyGO (you can also log in from your mobile phone or tablet using a web browser) and have the billing account of your internet service linked. You can check if the internet service is linked by going into ‘Settings’ tab and clicking on ‘Manage billing accounts’ on the side menu.

To report a fault from MyGO all you need to do is:

  1. Click on ‘Support’ in the top menu
  2. Check out the FAQ related to your fault
  3. If the FAQ did not help with fixing the problem, or your problem is not listed, just click on the ‘Test Connection’ button at the bottom
  4. You will then need to give us more detail about the issue you are experiencing, so that we can help you out
  5. Click on ‘Check Connection’ and an automated test will run in order to check your broadband connection
  6. After a few moments, your result will appear on the screen.

If there are any common faults in your area you will be notified throughout this process and if an issue arises, a ticket will be automatically created with our support.